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As an official member of Pinn-Peeps (LJ community), I hereby post the required entrance information:

1. Name: Christina Marie Minniti, a.k.a. Chris, a.k.a. Chrissy, a.k.a. Electra the Great, a.k.a. NOT the school byicle, but miss elegant skank.

2. Age/grade: 17 (going on 18!), senior baby!

3. Favorite thing about high school: Um, C to the Y . . . I mean, my fiends of course!

4. Thing you hate most about Pinnacle: Hmm, math homework, all of it, evil, EVIL!

5. High school stereotype that you most closely resemble: Myself, I am the trend setter, the leader, everyone fallows me.

6. Tell us a little about yourself/ what we should know: Raquettball is exhilerating, horseback riding is freedom, art is relaxing, reading is peacful, Physics is intriguing, and ESP is real!

7. 3+ pics of yourself, you beautiful person, you! Hmm, how about my inner self: (the first one is just because I think it's beautiful, but the other two represent inner-me! *smile*)

And, just for kicks, a pic of me and Erin!

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