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1st post, what what!

Hey! First post
so, just to get this community started...

1. Name: erin (or the nun, goonie, dominatrix, bubba, air...pretty much just call me anything and I'll probably respond to it)
2. Age/grade: 18/senior
3. Favorite thing about high school: nothing. 'cept of course the football games *coughspandexcough*, hanging with me friends, making fun of the stupid teachers, PaRtAyS, dances, lacrosse...yep, pretty much don't like anything
4. Thing you hate most about Pinnacle: dude, what's up with all the cliques? seriously
5. high school stereotype that you most closely resemble: er...I'm not really sure. Kinda a mix of prep and geek? I kinda like to think of myself as "fringe-ish", but I'm probably just being optimistic.
6. Tell us a little about yourself/ what we should know: I'm absolutely nuts. I have a tendency to be a little emo sometimes. I love lots of different kinds of music, from indie, to country. I have tons of "favorite" movies, some off the top of my head are Edward Scissorhands, Romeo and Juliet (the old version), Lord of the Rings, Where the Boys Are, Monty Python... I'm pretty much a sucker for old movies! I have 2 younger siblings, one being 15(who I SOMETIMES get along with) and the other 5 (I adore my little brother to reeses peices!). This is the longest I've ever lived in one place in my entire life. (going on 4 years. wow)
7. 3 pics of yourself, you beautiful person, you!: not sure that the "beautiful" part fits me at all, but here you go (be forewarned, yuck!)
old picture...
black and white, 'cause I'm artsy like that
and me as a south park-ian. lol. I know I'm cheating, but I'm a mod, so deal with it!
south park represent!
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