Stripes For Jono (caitlingbutt321) wrote in pinnpeeps,
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1. Name - Caitlin!
2. Age/grade - 16/Junior
3. Favorite thing about high school - uh, I like my friends.
4. Thing you hate most about Pinnacle - the terribly, moronic people, and the music every other friday, usually very terrible.
5. High school stereotype that you most closely resemble - er, uh, i dunno. It depends what kind of mood I'm in. No it doesn't, I just don't have a bloody clue. I usually just sit in the back of the class, but not this year, because Laura seems to be in all of my classes.
6. Tell us a little about yourself/ what we should know - Uh, I play lacrosse! And drums! But that's not school affiliated, because I'm not it band. I play lacrosse, with Goonie. Erin. Ha. That's about it.
7. 3+ pics of yourself, you beautiful person, you! - Oh, uh, I would, but, you know. Something suddenly came up.
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