Autumn faerie (mystiemnkkaos) wrote in pinnpeeps,
Autumn faerie


1. Name: Katie Hanson
2. Age/grade: 17 (18 on friday)/ Senior!! w00t!
3. Favorite thing about high school: that seniors get to leave early
4. Thing you hate most about Pinnacle: the evil people who don't know how to shut up
5. High school stereotype that you most closely resemble: um, punk
6. Tell us a little about yourself/ what we should know: I'm obssesed with Simple Plan, Harry Potter (reading in general), being random, my favorite color is red (though Neon green is rather close), I collect ammusing buttons/pins for my purse, and MOST of my friends are in college
7. 3+ pics of yourself, you beautiful person, you!: but i don't have any recent pictures on my computer since our web cam isn't working, and my brother reformatted the computer *pouts* but i found some really old ones from photo bucket, they're from right around prom last year....

that is me at my house on the stairs

that is (left to right) Megan, Me, Michelle, and Kristin

(left to right) Me, Megan, Kristin and Joe

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